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noise gate in signal chain

Where to Put Noise Gate in Signal Chain

Noise gates are an essential pedal for improving guitar sound and when you first add this pedal, the common question is: where do you put a noise gate in the signal chain? Noise gates are designed to reduce unwanted noise…

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boss ds-1 distortion pedal

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal: A Classic Tone for Your Guitar

The Boss DS-1 distortion pedal is one the legendary pedals in the guitar world.  It’s a popular choice among guitar players seeking to add some grit and edge to their sound.    There are many types of effects pedal that…

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best shimmer reverb pedals

11 Best Shimmer Reverb Pedals for Guitarists

If you’re looking for the best shimmer reverb pedals to add ethereal and dreamy tones to your guitar,  then you found the right place! Shimmer reverb pedals add a high-pitched octave effect to the reverb, creating a shimmering and otherworldly…

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john mayer pedalboard

What Guitar Pedals Does John Mayer Use?

Every wonder what guitar pedals John Mayer uses?  Well, you are about to find out! John Mayer, the renowned guitarist, relies on a variety of pedals to craft his signature sound.  He’s been known to change up his pedalboard on…

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boss ce-5 chorus ensemble review

Boss CE-5 Chorus Pedal: A Comprehensive Review of Its Features and Performance

The Boss CE-5 Chorus Pedal is a staple of the pedal world.  The chorus pedals have been around for decades. They add depth and dimension to your sound by creating multiple, slightly detuned copies of your original signal and blending…

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Best metal overdrive pedals

Best Metal Overdrive Pedal: 17 Top Picks for Guitarists in 2023

Heavy metal guitarists are always looking for the best metal overdrive pedal to boost their brutal tone!  These pedals are designed to add a gritty, distorted sound to your guitar, giving you a heavier, more aggressive tone. While there are…

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best donner guitar pedals

Donner Guitar Pedals: The Ultimate Guide for Guitarists

Guitar pedals are an essential tool for any musician looking to enhance their sound. They come in various types, each with a unique effect on the guitar’s tone.  In recent years, companies have been making small inexpensive pedals that are…

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jhs morning glory pedal review

JHS Morning Glory Pedal Review: A Comprehensive Look

Guitar pedals are essential tools for guitarists of all levels. They allow for a variety of sounds and effects that enhance the playing experience. One type of guitar pedal that has gained popularity in recent years is the overdrive pedal.…

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best guitar pedals for blues

Best Guitar Pedals for Blues Music: Top Picks for Authentic Tone

Blues music is all about soulful expression and emotive storytelling. The guitar is a central instrument in this genre, and the right guitar pedal can take your sound to the next level. Guitar pedals are small electronic devices that connect…

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multi effects pedals review

Best Multi Effects Pedal Under $200 (2023)

Multi effects pedals are a must-have for guitar players who want to explore different sounds and tones without having to buy multiple pedals. These pedals combine various effects like distortion, delay, reverb, and modulation into one compact unit, making it…

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best overdrive pedals for guitar

Rev Up Your Sound: The 13 Best Overdrive Pedals on the Market

Are you looking to take your guitar tone to the next level? One of the best ways to do that is by adding an overdrive pedal to your setup. Overdrive pedals can help you achieve a warm, natural-sounding distortion that’s…

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jim hendrix pedals

Guitar Pedals Jimi Hendrix Used: A Breakdown

Jimi Hendrix is widely considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time. His ability to create unique sounds and effects with his guitar set him apart from other musicians of his time. One of the key components of his…

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