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About The Guitar Stand

I've played guitar since 1985, so I'm an old dude.  But that doesn't mean, I've been playing for almost 40 years. I played a lot in high school and college and played in a few bands in the 1990's. I lived in the prime era of rock and roll from SRV to Nirvana to Metallica and everything in between.

I always kept my guitar around and would play it on occasion for the next 15 years. Around 2003, one of my friends got an acoustic guitar,  I sold all my electric guitars and amps except for my 1991 US Fender Strat. I just played a Martin D35 and  Larrivee L-3.  In all those years, I had periods where I wouldn't touch my guitar for 6-12 months. But every once in awhile I would pick it up.

Reviving My Interest in Guitars

In 2018, my 13 year old daughter, Kate, decided she wanted to play guitar. In the past, anytime someone told me they were going to pick up guitar, it would last a few weeks and they would be done. I figured she would drop it. She wouldn't let me even show her a chord.

But.. she learned fast and learned entirely on her own. Having someone to just play with and talk about guitar, really revived my interest. I bought a decent amp and a 2nd guitar. I started learning about gear, amps, equipment. I taught myself how to build guitars and here it is a few years later and I have a room full of guitars, amps and pedals. I've learned how to build guitars and But this time, I wanted to really get back into playing electric guitars.  So I did what guitarist do.  I started collecting guitars, amps, pedals, gear and even started taking new lessons.  The photos above are a guitar room that I built for myself and my daughter.  I now have 20 guitars and 5 amps and lots of pedals.  I needed them of course.

I wanted to share my knowledge of guitars and gear, so I created this site as something I can work as I wound down my career. The content is provided by me and other writers that have knowledge of guitars and amps. Thanks for reading, Cheers, Rob Z