Ways to Maximize Sustain on Your Guitar: Short & Long Term Fixes

Have you ever struggled to achieve good sustain while playing the guitar? No problem.  Let’s dive into the ways to maximize sustain on your guitar! Sustain is a crucial component of creating a powerful sound, but it can be challenging to achieve, especially for beginners. Fortunately, there are both short and long-term fixes that can…
ways to maximize sustain on the guitar

Electric Guitars- The Latest

seymour duncan 59 vs seth lover

Seymour Duncan 59 Vs Seth Lover Guitar Pickups

We’ve got a showdown between two legendary guitar pickups: the Seymour Duncan 59 and the Seymour Duncan Seth Lover. These pickups are like the heavyweight champs of the guitar world,…

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best guitar strings for metal

Best Guitar Strings for Metal: Top Picks for Heavy Sound

When it comes to playing metal on your guitar, having the right strings can make all the difference. Guitar strings for metal are specifically designed to produce a bright, cutting…

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remove adhesives from guitar

How to Remove Adhesives From Guitars

In the world of guitars, adhesive removal can be a sticky situation. Whether it’s glue, paste, tape, or stickers, these adhesives can leave behind a stubborn residue that can mar…

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guitar effects pedals for beginners

Guitar Effects for Beginners Guide

This guitar effects for beginners guide is designed to help aspiring guitarists find valuable information on choosing the right guitar effects. By understanding the basics of effects pedals and the…

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should I use lemon oil on fretboard

Should I Use Lemon Oil on My Fretboard: Benefits and Risks

Many guitarists will ask about using lemon oil to protect and condition the fretboard on their guitar.  Its a polarizing topic. You will get some people that have used it…

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best kirlin guitar cables

Best Kirlin Guitar Cables: High-Quality Sound Transmission for Your Instrument

If you’re a guitarist, you know that the quality of your cable can make or break your sound. Kirlin guitar cables are well known for creating top-of-the-line cables that are…

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common causes of guitar string buzz

Common Causes of Guitar String Buzz

Nothing is more frustrating than unwanted buzz coming from your strings. Luckily, there are some obvious common causes of guitar string buzz. So let’s dive in! Say goodbye to that…

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guitars pickups

Seymour Duncan Jazz or 59? Pickup Comparison

When lookign to change poickups, tow of the most popular options on the market are the Seymour Duncan Jazz and Seymour Duncan 59.  Many people who are considering one of…

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mastering the caged system

Unlock the Fretboard: Mastering the CAGED System for Guitar Solos

This article aims to explore the CAGED system and its practical applications in mastering guitar solos. The CAGED system serves as a map for understanding the layout of the guitar…

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stratocaster vs. les paul guitars

Stratocaster Vs Les Paul: Unveiling The Guitar Battle

Comparing a Stratocaster vs. Les Paul is a fun discussion because this war has no losers.  The Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul are two of the world’s most iconic…

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studio with amps guitars on guitar stands

Best Guitar Stands for Every Type of Guitarist

The best guitar stands make it easy to grab your guitar and set it down when you are done playing.  A good guitar stand will be sturdy and protect your…

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how much does it cost to ship guitar

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar

The cost to ship a guitar is usually one of the first things that keep people from listing guitars on online marketplaces.  If you are planning to ship your guitar…

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Guitar Amps & Cabinets

Boss Katana-50 MkII

Boss Katana-50 MkII: A Comprehensive Review

The Boss Katana-50 MkII is a guitar amplifier that is probalby recommended the most on public forums or reddits.  It has been designed to meet the needs of guitarists of…

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headphone guitar amp

Best Guitar Amp with Headphones for Silent Practice

I love the sound of a loud tube amp.  There is just something about that you can’t replicate.  However, there are times when we need to practice or play quietly…

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best amp thrash metal

Best Guitar Amp for Thrash Metal: Finding Your High Gain Monster

The answer: Mesa Boogie Mark II C Plus OK, OK, we all don’t have thousands of dollars for this coveted amp, so lets talk about what why type of amp…

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connecting your guitar your computer

Cheapest Way to Connect Your Guitar to Your Computer Amp Sims

Connecting your guitar amp to your computer can be a game-changer for recording and producing music. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to connect your amp to your computer like a pro, including choosing the right cables and software, setting up your audio interface, and optimizing your sound quality.

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guitar preamp amp head

Troubleshooting Your Amp: A Guide to Diagnosing and Fixing Common Problems

Is your amp producing strange noises or not working at all? Troubleshooting Your Amp is here to help. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for diagnosing and fixing common problems, from blown fuses to faulty tubes. With clear explanations and helpful diagrams, you’ll be back to rocking in no time.

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guitar amps with built-in effects

How to diagnose and fix common amp problems (e.g. noise, tube failure, etc.)

Introduction Amplifiers are an essential component of any audio system, but they can sometimes develop problems that affect their performance. Common issues include noise, tube failure, and other malfunctions that…

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guitar amp effects pedal

How to Use a Guitar Amp Effects Loop: Simplified Guide for Beginners

When I was playing a lot in the 1980s I had a simple set up.  I used a JCM800 that our other guitarist owned. Then I had a Ampeg combo…

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guitars amps

Solid State vs. Tube Amps: Pros and Cons of Each

When it comes to guitar amplifiers, the two most popular types are solid-state and tube amps. Both have their unique characteristics, pros, and cons. I’ve played through, owned and currently…

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Guitar Pedals

noise gate in signal chain

Where to Put Noise Gate in Signal Chain

Noise gates are an essential pedal for improving guitar sound and when you first add this pedal, the common question is: where do you put a noise gate in the…

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boss ds-1 distortion pedal

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal: A Classic Tone for Your Guitar

The Boss DS-1 distortion pedal is one the legendary pedals in the guitar world.  It’s a popular choice among guitar players seeking to add some grit and edge to their…

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best shimmer reverb pedals

11 Best Shimmer Reverb Pedals for Guitarists

If you’re looking for the best shimmer reverb pedals to add ethereal and dreamy tones to your guitar,  then you found the right place! Shimmer reverb pedals add a high-pitched…

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john mayer pedalboard

What Guitar Pedals Does John Mayer Use?

Every wonder what guitar pedals John Mayer uses?  Well, you are about to find out! John Mayer, the renowned guitarist, relies on a variety of pedals to craft his signature…

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boss ce-5 chorus ensemble review

Boss CE-5 Chorus Pedal: A Comprehensive Review of Its Features and Performance

The Boss CE-5 Chorus Pedal is a staple of the pedal world.  The chorus pedals have been around for decades. They add depth and dimension to your sound by creating…

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Best metal overdrive pedals

Best Metal Overdrive Pedal: 17 Top Picks for Guitarists in 2023

Heavy metal guitarists are always looking for the best metal overdrive pedal to boost their brutal tone!  These pedals are designed to add a gritty, distorted sound to your guitar,…

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best donner guitar pedals

Donner Guitar Pedals: The Ultimate Guide for Guitarists

Guitar pedals are an essential tool for any musician looking to enhance their sound. They come in various types, each with a unique effect on the guitar’s tone.  In recent…

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jhs morning glory pedal review

JHS Morning Glory Pedal Review: A Comprehensive Look

Guitar pedals are essential tools for guitarists of all levels. They allow for a variety of sounds and effects that enhance the playing experience. One type of guitar pedal that…

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